What is Seal Coating ?

 Seal Coating is the process of applying a federal specification coal tar emulsion mix according to the condition/volume of traffic over an asphalt pavement to protect from the damaging effects caused by traffic, both oil and  gas seepage an environmental issues, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation caused by the sun. Protecting pavement by sealcoating has basically the same effect as using sun screen on your skin because it helps prevent damage and can prevent destructive effects caused by nature and man.


  • Improves appearance and property value while maintaining the asphalt. Slows oxidation and inhibits water penetration. Without sealcoating, the oxidation process turns the pavement from black to gray as it continues to weaken the asphalt bonding. As the asphalt loses its strength more reveling and cracking takes place. The cracking leads to more surface deterioration and larger problem areas develop as the sub-grade is destroyed. 
  • Resists gas and oil. Without adequate sealcoating those leakage areas will deteriorate more quickly and break down asphalt pavement.
  • Reduces the effect of winter freezing and thawing and provides additional waterproofing capability. These are only several of the main benefits of seal coating.

When to Sealcoat ?

​Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance scheduled about every two to three years depending on many different causes including traffic volume and weather condtions. Proper maintaince of the asphalt can nearly double or more the life of asphalt pavement.