We start by edging your pavement to remove any over grown grass or weeds, cleaning your driveway surface with power blowers and brooms which remove all loose debris. We do this because the area being sealcoated needs to be clean of debris, sand, mud, and water to provide for proper adherence to the asphalt that will create longer lasting results.

We also use special primers for oil, gas and other types of spills. (no guarantee on any type of oil). Next we clean out the cracks in the pavement and fill the​m.

Next we edge your driveway with asphalt sealer. This is done by taking small edging brooms and coating around the edges of your garage doors, brick walls, concrete or anything else that is not to be covered in sealer, so when we apply sealer only your asphalt gets sealcoated. We then use our equipment to spray the rest of the driveway to give it a professional look and finish it off by making a neat line with asphalt sealer at the end of the driveway or parking lot.

Now that your pavement is completely sealcoated we flag off the area sealcoated so that traffic doesn’t enter the area until the sealer is dry. Please allow 24-48 hours before driving on your asphalt. You can walk on it when it gives off a flat dry finish.