We discover quality customers by utilizing the following marketing channels both online/offline

  • Affiliate/Partner Networks
  • Attractive Design Work
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell Partnerships
  • Direct Mail Programs
  • Email Newsletters
  • Incentive Programs
  • Online Media Buying
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Inbound / Outbound Services ArkNet Media’s call centers hit on all cylinders. We pair state of the art technology with sales professionals that are bright, energetic and ambitious. We own and operate phones sales centers in Valley Stream, New York; Boca Raton, Florida; and St. Lucia. With access to these centers, ArkNet Media has the ability to convert quality leads into complete sales.

It’s our capacity to unify all our call centers under one system that’s propelled us from a small agency, into an industry leader. From the moment a call makes it to our centers, it’s registered in our system and every inch of that sale is tracked by our proprietary online sales interface. The ability to monitor all these calls on real time makes all the difference.

ArkNet Media’s hiring process is as stringent as yours, if not more and our hiring process stops at nothing to select the best candidates for your brand. Before our sales professionals ever hit the phones, they undergo a rigorous training experience so that every question can be properly answered.

We want to make sure that the people selling your products and your brand fit with the corporate culture you’ve created. Beyond selecting individuals with the right temperament, attitude and aptitude, we provide extensive training in your business rules and operating procedures.

Our sales professionals will turn your customers into the best brand advertising you can have. We understand that making a sale and gaining a new customer is great, but our objective lies in creating a customer friendfinder-x for life.

Whether it’s for one of our own companies or a partner, our comprehensive tracking/analytics technology has positioned us to optimize any offer or situation.

Without a grand scale bird’s eye view of an incoming lead, growth is completely impossible. We strive to often shock our partners, and even ourselves, with the wealth of knowledge that we’re able to capture and monitor. ArkNet Media must have a hawk eye in customer acquisition.

Our tracking hours are 24/7 and our websites see an almost unprecedented uptime rate of 99.9%. Our advanced systems are constantly tracking and capturing to showcase exactly what we need to focus in order to properly execute a sale.

Through our proprietary performance tracking system, ArkNet Media has the sharp ability to examine the strengths/weakness of a campaign

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Our strength lies in our numbers. Unlike other customer acquisition firms, ArkNet Media owns a breadth of spectacular online companies that have been servicing the general population for over 20 years.

Superior People Success doesn’t just happen; it’s accomplished by having the greatest team

Through our broad portfolio of online companies that span many different verticals, we have the unusual ability to up-sell different products to a wide-spread customer pool. Under ArkNet Media’s direction, over 2 million customers happily enter, happily leave and happily come back to our websites. Simply put, the success of our current companies allows us to leverage their traffic to promote growth for our other newer companies. We maintain a phenomenal customer base by brand recognition via email marketing, onsite banner ads, outbound offers, affiliate marketing, coupons, and many more spectacular channels of consumer retention.

ArkNet Media, headquartered in Valley Stream, New York, is an interactive agency that owns a portfolio of online companies and also acquires new customers on behalf of brands in a diversity of vertical markets.

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