After Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits him beyond your castle, and that’s expected off in which the most other Fairy End Players in which

Resting in the the regional retail complex, she explained the fresh new updates out-of Fairy Tail one generated Natsu and Pleased very disheartened. [7] With the their spirits, Natsu secret exactly what Makarov is doing, but Lucy states that he is shed. Merely after that, she plus berates Natsu getting randomly leaving this new guild in place of discussing they that have some body basic. not, Lucy apologizes whenever Natsu is actually leftover speechless, saying that they need to regarding got a great deal on their thoughts as well. [8]

Bored stiff, they plan to enter Lucy’s space and you will decorate for her deal with, however, become face-to-face for the map Lucy has been doing to monitor the new Fairy Tail people

Lucy desired the 2 on her brand new home, one another becoming surprised to see such as for instance large put in place of the previous domestic, and you can chose to let them stand, understanding the one another don’t have a location. Just like the duo let themselves yourself, Natsu begins to give the woman regarding their escapades, cheerful and blushing from the common impression. In the middle of the night, Natsu and you will Happy get up. He knew Lucy has been keeping track of the new fellow guild people, and you will briefly stares from the her. [9]

Next day, Lucy awakens and was astonished through to viewing and you can hearing this new military in the the girl domestic. Baffled, Lucy talks about the two and you will asks what they have complete, however, Natsu merely grabs this lady and you can jumps outside of the window, outlining that he has boosted the beacon to possess Fairy Tail’s revival. Shortly after establishing the lady, he informs this lady that they will restore Fairy Tail, top Lucy so you’re able to tears as the she employs at the rear of, on the army chasing after him or her. [10]

In advance of she will be able to matter so it, Natsu and you can Happier arrive, thinking whether they have started caught already

Natsu, Lucy and you may Happier arrives at Tuli Town, outside the Fiore limits. Natsu observes the repaired tower he forgotten before, and you can chooses to split it again but is actually stopped by Lucy. Distressed, Natsu discrete a fit which he desires let loose, to own he purposed his training for beating Gray and also the other good lackeys. Then he discusses Lucy, attempting to take part a combat because this woman is truly the only alternatives remaining. Believed to say no, Lucy suggests she actually trains herself secretly, before they could participate themselves in order to a fight, Natsu believed things. Ranging from Lucy’s feet, Natsu fired away Flame Dragon’s Roar, hence part blanc he attempt new theft few m away from their website. But this can be unbeknownst to Lucy, which believe Natsu is joking doing. [11]

Inside a-room towards KoToKo Inn, the 3 discussed brand new whereabouts of the other guild participants. Lucy felt like they want to go during the ia Scale’s Guild are inside. Natsu cheerfully consented, from inside the thoughts out-of fighting Lyon and you will Jura. Lucy wound-up this new conversation, inquiring Natsu in order to imagine whom more is in the said guild. Visited the city, the three watches the brand new Lamia Scale’s Thanksgiving Date occasion. Getting in touch with the past performancers, Chelia and you can Wendy, went the fresh stage and you may sings, together with dances. Natsu and you can Happier leftover your state of shock, not believing Wendy try to the stuff, in order to particularly, Lucy teaches you what happened on the Wendy. Happy notices Carla is nowhere. The newest heading nowhere people welcomes them trailing, in order to see Carla within her Conversion process Mode. [12]

Natsu, Lucy and you may Pleased check outs Wendy about Lamia Level Guild. Lucy position Wendy they are getting back the new guild, and you may transfers information about Makarov’s disappearance and Recently Shaped Miracle Council. Natsu insisted so you’re able to never notice the existing mans whereabouts, when he stumbled on the fresh new guild having Wendy, in the event, she quickly manufactured the woman brain, not wanting to choose them and only stand. Ahead of she you’ll determine as to the reasons, Carla gets in the scene and you will tells the 3 to avoid pushing Wendy. Carla requires in the event that’s the option out of the woman, and you will Wendy easily nodded, one to made the three disbelief. [13]

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