Oh la-la Azzaro for women hot aroma for ladies. Oh La La premiered in 1993.

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Oh la-la by Azzaro is an Amber hot aroma for females. Oh la-la was released in 1993. Oh La La was developed by Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier. Leading notes were Musk Vodka, Peach, Fig Leaf, Raspberry, Mandarin tangerine, Karo-Korund and Bergamot; center notes is Cinnamon, Ylang-Ylang, Narcissus, Osmanthus, orange-blossom, Jasmine and Yellow Rose; base records is Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, emerald, Vanilla, Patchouli and Vetiver.

Leading Notes: fig musk vodka, mandarin tangerine, raspberry, peach, karo-korund bergamot

Heart records: orange-blossom, cinnamon, osmanthus, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang narcissus

Base records: sandalwood, tonka bean, emerald, patchouli, vanilla extract and vetiver.

You will find not investigated too many Azzaro scents. We have always appreciated the masterpiece that will be Azzaro number 9. But while this is not anything like 9 its an attractive and amazing hot Oriental perfume. This has many unusual things that ensure it is exotic, amazing, but Asian in nature. It’s hard for me personally to spell it out i am typically really detailed. It reminds myself of Hong Kong in China. It really is like a spice store near the Hong Kong harbor. Oh La La starts with a boozy odd alcohol. It’s plainly vodka but along with citrus, fig, raspberry, peach hence amazing karo (the karo from the smelling in Avon far-away) it eventually ends up smelling like an extremely unique beverage. Its delicious. And what ways to begin the fragrance. The same as it’s nickname oh la-la. The remainder fragrance grows into a floral aroma of osmanthus narcissus, jasmine and orange-blossom. They truly are nice flowers and spiced with a bit of cinnamon. Some bring labeled as this extremely spicy but on me personally it was not also hot. It actually was nice. The raspberry and peach remained powerful. The flora were not also powerful either and that I carry out love osmanthus and I is grateful I could smell they inside. Because scent dries out down its vanilla extract and patchouli amber and sandalwood, the base records I like and I’m in love with. This is exactly a very stunning beautiful unique aroma. I am going to wear this in Dubai in two weeks. I am not sure of anyone wearing this immediately. Yay. Thanks Fragrantica.

This will be this type of a striking perfume. With no knowledge of that I only have a finite number of this fragrance and therefore I’d wanted to rescue it for special occasions anyhow, THIS is the one that my people required for my situation to reserve for your for special romantic events. It pushes your crazy. It is an intoxicating, sensuous aphrodisiac in a container. Thus complex, comfortable and spicy, nice and creamy. Perfectly combined.

Many thanks Yohji when it comes to assessment to Soprani’s Strass. I’ll attempt to make sure that around. When this bottles run off i’ll seriously get on the search for one thing with an identical kind of sense as OhLaLa.

Easily could baptize this uncommon and delightful thing that, in my own simple advice, had been a good masterpiece https://datingmentor.org/local-hookup/oshawa/ signed by Loris Azzaro, i might give this lady title of . OH LA LA!! Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier are determined probably euphoric whenever they produced this scent.

Sometimes we ask yourself how come a review of some thing nearly extinct . I be sorry for not having or 5 mls of my personal signature scent preferences? You regret being concluded? No. No one should mourn individuals who know you. I determine me through this cologne, that was maybe not selected by me personally . I many thanks launched me to your in 1997, or whine . Almost like a lost appreciation, which can be within the storage, Oh La La might be inside my life.

This trophy, which generally seems to myself a glass of vintage wines, the bottle isn’t just multifaceted. Numerous faces can be the perfume, masterpiece.

Magnetic, sensuous, captivating and intricate . Halva, overcast, is bestowed with many herbs . 20 notes for a great oriental fragrance, hot, sweet, hot and spicy. Vodka, peach, raspberry, cinnamon, flowers, carnation flower (i’m), fig leaf, sandalwood and tonka with a background incensed, lust is within the as a type of fragrance.

Sweet without being cloying Warm without getting burned Full-bodied without having to be heavier gorgeous without getting vulgar addicting! You may be gorgeous and ethereal. Each mention is actually a chord of my personal limitless fascination with your!!

If overstated, because love is blind me .

OH LA LA – Loris Azzaro

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